As an agency owner, you understand the differences between project revenue and retainer revenue.

  1. Project revenue is like hunting. Projects require you to constantly be “out there” doing business development, closing deals, completing them, and then repeating the cycle.

  2. Retainers are like farming. They provide consistent, predictable returns, every month. Additional advantages include the ability to staff up (or down) more predictably.

You may have retainers related to PR, content development or perhaps social media engagement. But if you’ve yet to develop a digital advertising practice at your agency, you’re missing out on a massive revenue opportunity.

When it comes to introducing digital advertising within your agency, you have several main options:

  1. Train existing employees

  2. Hire a new employee

  3. Hire a contractor

  4. Partner with another agency

Train an Existing Employee

The Big Challenge: Experience.

The Details:

Hire a New Employee

The Big Challenge: Having enough initial business to pay for this person’s salary.

The details:

Hire a Contractor

The Big Challenge: Finding the contractor.

The details:

Partner with an Agency

The Big Challenges: Bait and Switch, Cost

The details:

The 5th Option: The Wulver Way

At Wulver Digital Advertising, we specialize in offering digital advertising services to agencies. We know your pain – we’ve been there. So we’ve customized our service just for you:

The details:

If the Wulver Way sounds right for you, reach out.

How the Options Stack Up

If the Wulver Way sounds interesting to you, reach out.

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