Agency Owners, are you looking to spin up a profitable digital advertising service within your agency? Don’t have the revenue (or desire) to hire a full-time employee? Wulver is the answer.

Wulver’s specialty is working with marketing and PR agencies to deliver their digital advertising programs. We currently work with 10 agencies in Canada, the US and the UK running ads for their clients in Google, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Programmatic and more.

Is your agency currently in one of the following situations?

  1. You’ve never offered digital advertising, but your clients are asking for it.

  2. You’ve been contracting out digital ad services, but your contractor is unreliable, has questionable results, or left altogether.

  3. Your in-house team lacks the high level knowledge and experience your clients require.

Outsourcing for Agencies

Read more about how we outsource to agencies, and why it works so well.

Digital ads are all we do, and we do them extremely well.

A reliable, specialized, senior team that can be tapped on a purely as-needed basis. Sounds like a dream for your agency, doesn’t it?

Some Incredible Results

We’ve achieved some pretty amazing results for our clients. Here are a few examples:

International supplements retailer. Handled a media spend of over $800k annually to generate a 3x return on ad spend in an ultra-competitive market.

Calgary-based developer. Generated over 300 leads per month for their large rental property for a budget of $8,000 per month. One sale for them is worth about $20,000 per year in recurring revenue.

Remote services provider. Generated 600 leads per month for the remote services that they offer, at a budget of $15,000 per month. One sale for them is worth about $4,000 per year. They doubled their ad spend with us over six months given the success of the campaign.

Industrial agriculture provider. For the relatively modest spend of $1,000/mo, we generate about a dozen leads for them each month. One sale for them is typically worth in excess of $100,000 per year.

Condominium developer. We helped one developer sell over 40 condo units in their new building for a total ad spend of about $15,000. That represents nearly $8,000,000 revenue.

Local festival. We drove online ticket sales for a festival provider with a total ad spend of $32,000. Ticket sales totaled $380,000.

Services We Offer

You’re never alone when you work with Wulver. We handle everything from start to finish, and ensure you understand exactly what’s going on, in plain English.

Planning: The strategic part where we figure out the best types of digital ads to achieve your goals. We get to know your business, your customers and your competitors.

Setup: Preparation of ad creative, set up of ad accounts, set up of all tracking, and set up/access to all required third party systems (e.g. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.).

Execution, Optimization & Reporting: Ongoing optimization of your ads, targeting, placements, and ad spend. Ongoing digital advertising consultation, website and landing page optimization feedback, and comprehensive monthly reports with insights and recommendations.

Training & Process Development: We provide ongoing mentorship and training for more junior staff at some of our agency partners. We also help develop processes, templates and best practices to allow agencies to develop and grow their own internal digital advertising practice.

Snapshot of an average year for Wulver:

ad spend



250,000 Conversions

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Who is Wulver?

At the helm of Wulver is Robin Eldred, a veteran of the digital space with over 25 years’ experience. The company is based out of Calgary, Alberta, runs as a distributed virtual business, and is staffed exclusively by senior specialists.

Can Wulver Help Your Business?

If your business has a website that acts as your primary marketing tool, we can help. We will:

If you’re curious to see more details, read about how an ad campaign unfolds.

Profitable advertising for your agency starts now.