Great Campaigns Require Great Creative

Our expertise goes beyond simply planning, placing and optimizing ads. You need to have great content for those ads or they won’t do what you need them to! Rest assured Wulver has you covered.

Part of our process is building out great content for your ads, specifically tailored to each ad platform’s requirements and best practices. For example:



Common Ad Specifications

Here’s a handy guide on the specifications for some of the more common ad types in the more common ad platforms:

Are You Enticing Enough?

We always keep in mind the fact that the goal of an ad is not to sell – it’s to get an interaction. That interaction might be a click or a download or a social action. As such, we need to keep those goals in mind when preparing creative. The ad needs to enticing enough to generate that action.

Does Your Landing Page Support the Ad’s Promise?

The best ad in the world won’t generate any results if it links to a terrible landing page. The landing page needs content and creative that supports the ad’s promise. It needs to be focused and direct. This is where the “sale” happens.

Conversions Are Where It’s At

Our overall digital advertising process takes into account not only the best ad channels and placements, but the best ad creative and the best supporting landing page content. We regularly help our clients prepare and iterate content to maximize a campaign’s performance.

When it comes to digital advertising, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll ensure the entire campaign works.

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