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We have a roster of senior digital advertisers who work on our team. For each new agency that works with us, we assemble a custom team to best suit their needs. This will depend upon the specializations required, how quickly the work is required, the type of advertising to be done, and so on.

I’m Robin Eldred, the owner here at Wulver. I’ve worked in digital advertising since the turn of the century. I go way back, and have the digital scars to prove it.
Robin Eldred, owner of Wulver.

Robin Eldred, owner of Wulver.

We are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a distributed, virtual business specialized in working remotely, and have developed some slick processes to accommodate this. It allows us to effectively serve clients across North America.

Our team is made up exclusively of senior practitioners located principally in Western Canada. We work efficiently and effectively, and love to work at a fixed price. This ensures you get reliable, predictable service that will make you look like a rock star to your clients.

We Believe

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. At Wulver, we believe in:


We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simple can be elegant and powerful. We favour the simple over the complex. We live this through our communications with clients and how we set up and optimize our advertising campaigns.

Simple doesn’t mean ineffective. In fact, quite the opposite. An ad campaign with a simpler setup is oftentimes the more powerful one, achieving better results. Not only that, it is easier to understand and easier to manage. Don’t get us wrong, however – there are times when an ad account requires multiple campaigns at multiple levels of the sales funnel (i.e. top of funnel, mid funnel and bottom of funnel) but we apply the principle of simplicity at every possible point. The ad copy is consistent, as are the targeted ad sets, and so forth.

As for campaign optimizations, we believe less is more. Some people feel that if you are managing a large budget you should be in that campaign every day, making lots of micro adjustments. We couldn’t disagree more. Every time you push a button or pull a lever in a campaign, you need to give the algorithm a chance to adapt. Pull too many levers at once, or in too short a time span, and you’ll have no idea which of your adjustments affected the changes you see in campaign performance. We are purposeful and methodical with our campaign optimizations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Whenever we’re planning an ad campaign with a client, we involve as much data as possible, but fill in the blanks with expertise and assumptions. Once we launch an ad campaign, that is the last time we use assumptions. From that point forward, data guides as many of our decisions as possible.

We may love an image during the ad creation process, and are convinced that it will be the top performer. But once the data starts rolling in, there are no sacred cows. That favourite image might be a poor performer, so it needs to be removed.

If we set out to maximize sales for a customer, then we follow the trail of data that leads to those sales.

Another important element of this belief is to not track bullshit metrics. It’s hard to call out specific metrics as always bullshit (looking at you, ‘Ad Impressions’). What’s more important is to ensure that the metrics we focus on (and the ones we report to our clients) are meaningful and (ideally) actionable.

Early(Ish) Adoption

Are you familiar with the technology adoption curve?


At Wulver, we like to place ourselves towards the tail end of the Early Adopters. About here:

We find this to be the sweet spot in terms of:

  1. taking advantage of new technologies

  2. minimizing risk for our clients

Once we start to see a critical mass of people using a new technology and proving that it can be effective, we start to explore it. And once we have experienced success with that technology first-hand, we will introduce it to our clients.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The Venn diagram of Minimum Viable Product and Simplicity has quite a bit of overlap. What we mean by MVP is launching a campaign when it’s ready, and not getting paralyzed or caught up with additional details. Once we have enough to launch, we launch.

It can be tempting to try to layer in more detail and more assumptions during the planning process, but a lot of this can be unnecessary. We’re much more interested in launching a campaign intelligently, and then letting the data guide future decisions.

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Who Are Our Clients?

As you can imagine, our agency clients generally don’t want us going around touting that we’re the backbone of their digital ad practice. So while we’re not in the habit of naming names, we can tell you that we’ve worked with seven different agencies since 2019.

Company Background

Wulver was started in 2018 by Robin Eldred. He observed a gap where agencies (particularly smaller agencies) wanted to offer professional digital advertising services, but lacked the expertise, experience and time. Hiring a dedicated employee is an expensive prospect, and finding reliable contractors can be frustrating. So Robin drew upon his 25+ years’ experience in web-related business and put together Wulver to provide agencies with what they crave:

Robin started his first digital service company, Apis Interactive, in 2002. He grew this web development business over the course of 10 years, and then sold it in 2012. From there, he was president of Cornerstone Digital for a couple of years, and then on to become the Director of Digital Advertising at Communicatto. In 2018 he founded Wulver.

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