PPC Ads Campaign Strategy & Setup

PPC ads campaign strategy to match your goals. Increase your ROAS with well-informed campaign planning and setup.

Strategy & Setup for Google, Meta, and More...

PPC ads campaign strategy and setup is the heavy lifting of mapping out objectives, creating a plan, taking care of all the technical setup, preparing all the ad creative, and launching the campaigns.

  • Research & Planning
  • Setup & Build

Ads Campaign Strategy & Setup Steps

Ads campaign strategy & implementation is more than a process. It’s a conversation. Each impression and click is a dialogue with your audience.

A PPC ad campaign data reporting dashboard.

Research & Planning

  • Definition of project goals and key performance indicators

  • Budget, flighting and pacing

  • Audience targeting

  • Key messaging

  • Technical requirements

Next Process

Setup & Build

  • Ad creative development

  • Landing page UX assessment and recommendations

  • Creation of campaigns

  • Audience creation/definition

  • Installation and testing of tracking pixels

Next Process


I had a terrific experience working with Robin and his team on several digital projects. We were able to successfully launch some amazing digital marketing initiatives. Robin’s guidance was valuable in in ensuring our initiatives were effective.

Aldo Jamoral


Robin is an extremely knowledgeable professional who’s experience in the digital marketing space is vast and far reaching. He always offers super concise and relevant information in every project while delivering on his promises. We are so fortunate to work so closely with Robin and appreciate his point of view to any problems we are faced with. Oh did I mention he is really funny an all around great guy. Thanks so much Robin for everything you do and continue to do for our projects! You rock!

Marta Tomasir


Robin is incredibly knowledgeable, but almost more importantly he is transparent in the work he does for you. He worked within our budget and gave recommendations for when/if we should increase or decrease it depending on outside factors. The reports he gave us each month were easy to understand and gave us valuable knowledge as to how our ads and marketing were performing. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone!

Connel Timmins


Robin is very professional, and extremely knowledgeable of the digital world. I always appreciate his strategic insight and his ability to bring complicated projects to completion. I have always enjoyed working with Robin.

Robin Parsons

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