Condominium Developer

Wulver’s strategic advertising campaign helped a condominium developer sell over 40 condo units in their new building. Achieving this success with a total ad spend of about $15,000, the campaign translated into nearly $8,000,000 in revenue.


Selling condominium units in a new building is a substantial task. It requires conveying the potential of a property that potential buyers may not yet see fully realized. The competition is fierce, with multiple developers vying for the attention of a limited pool of buyers.Moreover, the challenge was not only to generate interest but to convert that interest into actual sales. With the substantial revenue potential of nearly $8,000,000, every aspect of the advertising campaign had to be meticulously planned and executed.


Wulver approached this challenge with a combination of insightful market analysis and creative advertising strategies. By understanding the unique selling points of the condominium and the needs of potential buyers, they crafted messages that resonated deeply. Through targeted advertising channels, they reached the right audience and nurtured leads through to sales. The end result was a highly successful campaign that far exceeded expectations.

A happy condominium developer celebrates after helping a family move into one of her last available units, thanks to PPC digital advertising.


Total ad spend of about $15,000
Elevated brand visibility in the competitive real estate market
Sold over 40 condo units
Achieved nearly $8,000,000 in revenue