Ad Account Audit

As digital ad specialists with lots of experience, we’re able to audit ad accounts with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Aside from having us manage your ad accounts directly, a one-time audit is the single best thing you can do.

We have conducted audits that have unlocked hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, simply left on the table. Not knowing best practices can cost you.

We offer audits for both Google Ads and Meta Ads. Here’s what we cover in our audits.

Google Ad Audit
Account settings
Linked Accounts
Conversions, objectives and general settings
Ad group structure
Keywords & Negative keywords
Ads & Ad Extensions
Campaign performance
Landing page analysis
Campaign optimization suggestions
$2,500 CDN
Turnaround: 5 business days
Meta Ad Audit
Account structure
Campaign settings
Targeting Audiences and Placements
Campaign Peformance
Landing page analysis
Campaign optimization suggestions
$1,500 CDN
Turnaround: 5 business days

Get Your Free Audit Assessment

We know that our audits can be quite an investment, so before you commit, we’re happy to do a free initial assessment. This will uncover whether we think we can bring a worthwile amount of value through a full audit. There are a few caveats in order to quality for the free assessment:

  • You must have spent at least $10,000/month in your account over the past three months.
  • You must be willing to provide us with business manager account level access to your account.

We are always completely honest in our assessments; if we don’t think a full audit would save/make you at least 4X the cost of our audit, we’ll recommend you simply save your money. And we’ll pass along our congratulations that your account is in a great state!

Next Steps

If you’d like to engage us in either an audit or a free assessment, please complete the following form: