International Supplements Retailer

In an ultra-competitive market, Wulver handled a media spend of over $800k annually, generating a 3x return on ad spend for an international supplements retailer.


The international supplements retailer grappled with standing out in a highly saturated and competitive market. Budget allocation without ensuring the best ROI was a persistent risk, threatening the retailer's profitability.Achieving a desirable return on the advertising spend required nuanced understanding of the market, consumer behaviour, and product positioning, further complicated by the international scope and diversity of the target audience.


We implemented a strategic PPC advertising campaign, meticulously tailored to resonate with audiences in the global market. By identifying key demographics and leveraging competitive insights, we crafted ads that optimized spend and maximized returns.

A happy nutritional supplements retailer, in her mid-20s, celebrates after selling one of her last available supplements, thanks to PPC digital advertising.


3x return on ad spend
$800k annual ad spend
Achieved competitive standing in an ultra-competitive market