Local Residential Developer

Wulver helped a Calgary-based developer generate over 300 leads per month for their large rental property, transforming a monthly budget of $8,000 into a potential $20,000 per year in recurring revenue per sale.


Calgary's real estate market is brimming with competition, making it difficult for developers to catch the attention of potential renters or buyers. This developer needed to not only reach potential customers but convert them into long-term revenue sources, all within a set budget.Furthermore, achieving a high conversion rate was paramount. Spending $8,000 per month on advertising meant that each lead had to be high-quality, and the conversion to a sale, worth approximately $20,000 per year in recurring revenue, had to be optimized.


Wulver took a nuanced approach, understanding the local market, the property's unique selling points, and the developer's budget constraints. By creating targeted advertising campaigns and focusing on platforms that yielded the highest engagement, they were able to maximize lead generation without exceeding the budget. Continuous monitoring and tweaking ensured that the leads were of high quality, leading to a successful conversion rate.


Potential $20,000 per year in recurring revenue per sale
Increased overall brand visibility in the Calgary market
300+ leads per month
Successfully operated within a budget of $8,000 per month