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Turn your digital ad campaigns into star performers

Wulver’s specialty is working with marketing and PR agencies to deliver their digital PPC advertising programs. We currently work with 10 agencies in Canada, the US and the UK running ads for their clients in Google, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Programmatic and more.

If your business has a website that acts as your primary marketing tool, we can help.


Condominium Developer

Wulver’s strategic advertising campaign helped a condominium developer sell over 40 condo units in their new building. Achieving this success with a total ad spend of about $15,000, the campaign translated into nearly $8,000,000 in revenue.

Industrial Agriculture Provider

Wulver efficiently managed a relatively modest budget of $1,000 per month to generate about a dozen leads monthly. This accomplishment was significant as one sale for the industrial agriculture provider is typically worth more than $100,000 per year.

Remote Services Provider

Wulver tapped into the potential of a remote services provider by generating 600 leads per month. Operating on a budget of $15,000 per month, they helped the company double its ad spend over six months due to the remarkable success of the campaign.

Local Residential Developer

Wulver helped a Calgary-based developer generate over 300 leads per month for their large rental property, transforming a monthly budget of $8,000 into a potential $20,000 per year in recurring revenue per sale.

International Supplements Retailer

In an ultra-competitive market, Wulver handled a media spend of over $800k annually, generating a 3x return on ad spend for an international supplements retailer.

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