Agency Guides, Digital Advertising How to Create a Google Performance Max Campaign

Performance Max campaigns are the latest and greatest campaign type within Google Ads. They promise to heavily leverage Google’s machine learning to run ads, dynamically, across any and all of Google’s placements:

  • Search

  • Display

  • YouTube

  • Discovery

  • Gmail

  • Shopping

This campaign type focuses exclusively on conversions, so you’ll need to have at least one conversion set up within your Google Ads account.

If you’ve ever created a Display campaign within Google Ads, a lot of this will be familiar to you. The process for creating a Performance Max campaign works like this:

  • Create your ad (i.e. your ‘Asset Group’)

  • Specify your targeting (i.e. your ‘Audience Signal’)

In the video below, I walk through the process of creating a new Performance Max campaign. I hope you find it useful.

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