Local Festival

Wulver executed a lively campaign for a local festival provider, working with a total ad spend of $32,000. Their strategic efforts led to an overwhelming response, driving online ticket sales that totalled $380,000.


Promoting a local festival demands understanding local interests, culture, and entertainment preferences. The challenge lay in reaching a diverse audience and encouraging them to participate, all while ensuring the message resonated across various demographic segments.Adding to the complexity, the campaign had to generate immediate results, converting interest into ticket sales within a short time frame. A significant investment of $32,000 in advertising added pressure to produce a substantial return.


Wulver's solution was an eclectic mix of creative advertising and data-driven strategies. They understood the local market's pulse and designed campaigns that not only caught attention but spurred action. By choosing the right platforms and timing, and utilizing engaging content, they were able to drive online ticket sales effectively, turning the festival into a local sensation.

Happy music festival goers at an outdoor concert in the summer.


Successfully managed an ad spend of $32,000
Transformed advertising into immediate sales
Total online ticket sales of $380,000
Engaged diverse local audience segments