Digital Advertising Interest Splitting in Facebook Ads

One of the most powerful things about digital advertising lies in its ability to target an audience. Facebook is especially good at this. Using a variety of different factors it is able to predict what Interests and Behaviours each Facebook user has. As digital advertisers, we are then able to target our ads at people who have those Interests and/or Behaviours. Powerful stuff.

One particular challenge, however, is when you’re using a larger number of Interests and Behaviours to target. In the video below, I take 46 Interests and Behaviours, and show how “interest splitting” them helps to narrow your audience properly so that you’re much more likely to reach your true audience.

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I’m Robin Eldred, the owner here at Wulver. I’ve worked in digital advertising since the turn of the century. I go way back, and have the digital scars to prove it.